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This campaign is about returning power to the constituents.  The constituents own the seat held by the legislator, not the other way around.  My campaign is about bring Common Sense to the table and creating working solutions for South Carolina.


I am running for SC District 118 to make a difference.   Bluffton and Hardeeville have experienced unprecedented growth since 2000.  The population of Beaufort County alone has grown by 11.5% from 2015 to 2018.  Bluffton  is responsible for 73% of that growth during that same period.  Beaufort County has grown, per the US Census, from 122,192 persons in 2000 to 186,844 people in 2018.  The Town of Bluffton reports that there were 2678 residents in 2000, and reported 21,085 residents in 2017.  Big change in the demographics.    We Democrats succeeded in flipping three precincts in Bluffton during the mid-term election and are energized to flip more.


I want to bring a level of common sense to South Carolina politics.  I want to understand what the new demographics say about Bluffton.  Most of the growth comes from new voters moving to Bluffton. They don’t hold many of the same old tired values that have plagued the area for years.

Sometimes, protesting is enough to bring about change, but sometimes you need to have a seat at the table to make a change.  This is my time to demand a seat at the table and I hope that District 118 agrees with my assessment about the need for change.