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SC Senate debates Women's Reproductive Health, Really?

The SC Senate debated whether or not to add back into the horrible HB3020 bill (The Fetal Heartbeat Bill) exemptions for rape and incest. Are you kidding me? We have far more important issues that the state needs to address, rather than wasting time trying to deny women any reproductive healthcare rights.

The Senate is foolishly trying to join every southern state in having the most restrictive reproductive rights bill in the country. So far, every single one of these laws have been placed on hold by Federal courts. All SC is trying to do is to waste SC taxpayer money on frivolous lawsuits that will get tossed by the courts.

No one has the right to restrict a women's right to choose on the basis of religious or moral objections. That argument creates a version of state sponsored religion and denies the right of non-believers to live their moral and ethical lives. We need to flood our state senators with emails and phone calls, telling them to stop this maddening assault on women.

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