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post Thanksgiving Blues (as in Democratic Wave Blues)

Here is to the beginning of the holiday season. I hope everyone had a festive Thanksgiving with family and friends. We were blessed to spend the day with the extended family here in the Lowcountry.

As I gear up for the long haul for the campaign of my life, I want to share that I spent time last Friday with the Mayor and City Manager of Hardeeville. They were gracious in spending time with me to help me understand the needs and requirements for the city, which is the fastest growing (by percentage) in South Carolina. We talked about what the City of Hardeeville needs in order to grow, how it works cooperatively with Jasper County, Beaufort County and the Town of Bluffton. It was a great meeting and I have a fuller appreciation of what it will mean to represent the district.

This coming week, I will be meeting with the Mayor and Town Manager of Bluffton, to listen to their needs and requirements. It is interesting to ask an open ended question and then to listen for the important information.

I plan to start meeting with small neighborhood groupings after the New Year. I will start with meet and greets in Sun City and hope to move to similar meetings in Old Town, Barton's Run, Hampton Hall, Hampton Lake, and other communities. If you are willing to host a meeting in your community, in your home, please message me back and I will work to schedule one with you. There are so many communities that I need to visit and listen to, so please don't be shy.

Additionally, as with every political campaign, this can';t be done without your generous assistance of donations and your energy. Please support me with any amount as we start the campaign. My opponent, the incumbent, has had 17 years to collect donations from special interests and corporations. I only want to accept donations from people, so please help in this endeavour.


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