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My opponent on Covid-19, The elderly die of Covid, not the young. BULL !

Bill Herbkersman in today's Bluffton Today says we are over reacting to Covid-19 as it basically only has impact on the elderly. SHAME

The incumbent holding the seat for SC118 wrote in his column which appeared in the Bluffton Today (April 1 edition) that..." I am concerned that our current response to the coronavirus pandemic is overwrought and counterproductive. Acknowledging that today is April Fool's Day, we can imagine this is my poor version of a prank, or I have lost my mind. Neither is the case."

This is the worst posting from an elected official that I have seen since the White House comments that Covid-19 is no worse than the flu. Rep Herbkersman thinks we are trading our economic vitality for dubious benefits. I challenge the Representative to tell me what economic vitality deceased citizens provide to the economy. Social distancing has seen the rate of infection slow across the world, Mr Herbkersman is willing to sacrifice your life and mine in the belief that Covid-19 is an older generation problem. Please tell that to the University of FL Tampa students who tested positive after partying on the beach. Please tell this to students who went to Mexico on Spring break and returned home to positive results. Irresponsibility is at play here with the my opponent. I would like to know from him how he can justify a direct quote of " The war on coronavirus is being fought as an all-out war, even though we know that only a small percentage of the warriors actually die: the elderly" Are the elderly not citizens of the nation worthy of life? Shame on you Bill Herbkersman.

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