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In HEART, A stands for Access

Today's Platform Plank involves the letter A in the word HEART. My campaign platform is built around HEART.

Today, A stands for Access. Without Access, one can not participate in society. Early on in the campaign, I was skeptical in wanting to say that access to Broadband was a serious Access requirement. However, with the advent of sheltering in place, I understand better how Broadband and WiFi Access are requirements. Without Broadband, our students can not adequately log into school lessons, parents and adults can not log into work, if they are lucky enough to work in jobs where they are not required to be in the workplace daily.

Access also includes the ability to access clean drinking water. SC citizens living in the town of Denmark have not known the ability to have clean drinking water. In this day in the 21st century, the fact that some SC citizens don;t have clean public drinking water is unfathomable. We need to bring the power of the state Legislature to bear and ensure that our brothers/sisters have access to clean drinking water.

Access also plays out in Voter Registration and Voter Access. I propose that we add successful Voter Registration, as a requirement for High School graduation, for students of voting age by the next scheduled election. In addition, I propose that SC change its requirements for Absentee in Person voting in elections from for cause only to for any reason. With the specter of COVID-19 being with us for a while, we can not afford a spectacle like what occurred in Wisconsin. WE must NOT make people decide between exercising their right to vote, with the right to remain healthy. As of this writing, 19 people are know to have contracted COVID-19 in Wisconsin, by standing in lines with people who were infected. This act of stupidity by the Wisconsin Republican Party, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and the US Supreme Court should be viewed as an assault on everyone. If we are in a war against COVID-19, then this act of requiring in person voting, at reduced voting locations, should be viewed as a "war crime."

My final thought on Access comes in the form of increased access to the the process of Expungement of criminal records for those who are found NOT Guilty or those who have had charges dropped. In order to access the American Dream of a job which pays more than minimum wage, or the ability to register to vote, if you had charges leveled and dropped or have been found NOT GUILTY, it is on the person in question to petition for Expungement and have records sealed. The state needs to automatically grant the records be sealed so that the person in question does not have to check off yes on a job application to the question of have "you been charged with a crime."

Stay safe and we will talk tomorrow about the Letter R and what is stands for in my platform of HEART.

If you like what you are reading, please share my message with your friends and neighbors. Also, any donation, no matter how small, to the campaign is appreciated. Please make donations at

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