This campaign is about returning power to the constituents.  The constituents own the seat held by the legislator, not the other way around.  My campaign is about bringing Common Sense to the table and creating working solutions for South Carolina.


This campaign is about making your representative accountable to you, the voters.  It is about making sure that the SC State House hears the concerns of Parents, Seniors, Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Y.  It is about ensuring that legislators meet with you, listen to your concerns, that they talk about why they agree or disagree.  It is about civil discourse.


  • My campaign is about making sure that our next generation gets the education that we are obligated, by law, to provide them.  It is about funding our schools to the legal minimum, at a starting point. It is time for the legislature to stop kicking education down the road and start working for the children of our state.  It is time to fix our broken education system.

  • My campaign is also about ensuring women get the opportunity to make choice for themselves.  Regardless of how one feels, there is no place in healthcare for the state to decide what a woman can or cannot do.  A woman, as an adult, has the right to make healthcare decisions for herself.  We accomplish this by maintaining current laws regarding healthcare and women. No new laws outlawing what how woman can make choices.


  • My campaign is about caring for pregnant mothers, ensuring prenatal healthcare services. We do this by expanding Medicaid services to all eligible persons in South Carolina, and then we accept the federal funding available to cover the costs. 

  • My campaign is about feeding and caring for mother and child, both during pregnancy as well as after birth.   We do this through the Medicaid expansion as well as through expanding child services.

  • My campaign is about educating our children. If we ignore their educational needs and funding because it is too hard for the legislature, then we are squandering our future.  We accomplish this be demanding the legislature starts funding schools to 100% of minimum requirements.  Then we start looking for solutions to expand funding, we stop “kicking the finding can down the road” year after year.  Our schools are falling apart and the county can’t do anything without finding from the legislature.

  • My campaign is about taking a common sense approach to the gun violence and culture which is permeating in SC and the USA.  My campaign is NOT about taking away your guns, or your rights as a firearms owner.  It is about ensuring that everyone has the proper training on how to use, store and care for a firearm.  It is about making sure that SC adopts Red Flag laws, so that those who are a “danger to themselves or others” are unable to have access to firearms.  It is about ensuring that we have the Mental Health counseling available to those who are a danger to themselves and other.

  • My campaign is about making sure our community is safe from unnecessary gun violence. It is about common sense approaches to enforcing existing gun laws and augmenting those that are not working.  It is NOT about permitless open carry or reciprocal carry.  It is about making sure that children don’t have to learn shelter in place drills in schools.  It is about people not fearing to attend their house of worship.  We don’t do this by adding more firearms, indiscriminately to the mix. It is about teaching gun safety so that those who do own firearms make sure they are securely stored and kept out of reach of children.

The Heart of this Campaign

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