South Carolina needs more HEART.

MItch Siegel will work to bring HEART to District 118, and South Carolina, with common-sense solutions that benefit all of us. Here is what HEART means to Mitch:




All South Carolina residents deserve healthcare. Expanding Medicaid coverage to residents not covered by private healthcare insurance or Medicare will help protect jobs and the economy, as well as the safety of our neighbors.


Protecting Women’s Reproductive Healthcare should include defending a woman’s right to choose her healthcare mode and provider, and expanding prenatal healthcare to all women of childbearing age.  


Hate Crimes Bill

As your representative, Mitch will co-sponsor a Hate Crimes Bill in South Carolina, which should be adopted as soon as possible. We can no longer be one of only four states without a Hate Crimes Bill on our books. 



Comprehensive, systematic change is necessary to improve the quality of South Carolina education – currently ranked 50th out of 50 states. How we fund our Education system and burden our school districts, plus restrictions we put on teachers without listening to their input, can all be addressed with the common sense solutions Mitch plans to bring to this crucial issue.



Mitch supports easing the process for expungement for crimes where the accused is found Not Guilty, or the charges have been dropped by the Judicial System. Past charges on an innocent person’s record make economic progress almost impossible as doors are unnecessarily closed for both job opportunities and housing options. This common sense change will keep people working and put money back into our economy.


Access to Jobs

Mitch will fight for access to jobs and new job creation. Development of the Jasper Ocean Terminal would create well paying jobs for our residents. Mitch will help to push this project forward. The Jasper Ocean Terminal will generate tax revenue for our towns and cities, enable long-term improvements needed for Education, and create the need for new homes, stimulating the housing industry with decent, affordable housing for South Carolina.


Access to Justice

If you’re Black in Beaufort County, you’re 5.2 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than your white neighbors. Approximately 78 percent of the county is white; about 18 percent is African American, according to a recent census count.  Mitch will co-sponsor a bill to review disparities in arrest rates and to mandate reviews when arrest rates don’t make common sense.



As we enter into 2021, the General Assembly will begin the process of determining new House and Senate districts. This process is completed in secret, providing cover for politicians to draw districts that advantage themselves and dilute the power of our citizens. It is time for this to end. Mitch will work for a common sense, independent Commission to draw fair, contiguous, compact districts that allow residents to pick their elected officials, rather than politicians picking and choosing their voters.


Race Relations

Mitch knows that South Carolina government can learn something from the voices raised in outcry at the death of George Floyd, the latest in a long line of needless deaths of Black people in America. We must recognize disparities in social and civic practices, so that all of our neighbors can feel safe and prosper in South Carolina.


The Table

It’s not enough to have common-sense solutions for the challenges we face. You need a seat at the Table to impact government and create lasting change.  After 18 years, the District 18 incumbent has had his turn at the table, and needed changes have not happened. Mitch is eager and energized to hear your concerns and represent you with common-sense solutions for our district and for South Carolina. 


Telemedicine Expansion

The Covid-19 Pandemic has exposed gaping holes in the current way healthcare is delivered in South Carolina. By expanding Telemedicine, we’ll allow greater numbers of residents access to healthcare. But we also need to ensure that they have access to Broadband, the underlying technology that makes Telemedicine possible. Too much of South Carolina is underserved, both by Medical resources and Broadband. Mitch will sponsor a bill to increase Broadband and facilitate Telemedicine in South Carolina.

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